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Alles wat u moet weten over mobility - Peter Sterk

Weet u het verschil tussen 'Mobile Device Management' en 'Mobile Application Management'? Weet u welke rol Enterprise Mobility speelt in BYO en Consumerization of IT? Wilt u meer weten over het effect van Enterprise Mobility op Applicatie en Desktop Delivery? Zoekt u een onafhankelijk overzicht van Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) oplossingen en bent u nieuwsgierig naar de verschillende features en functies die diverse vendoren aanbieden? Zo ja, lees dan snel de whitepaper. Deze is onlangs door Peter Sterk bijgewerkt en bevat veel nieuwe oplossingen!

-- english -- Do you want to know the real difference between "Mobile Device Management" and "Mobile Application Management"? Do you want to know the role of Enterprise Mobility in BYO and Consumerization of IT? Are you looking for insights into Enterprise Mobility in Application and Desktop Delivery? Are you looking for an independent overview of the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions and curious about the different features- and functions each EMM vendor is offering? If so, this is the whitepaper you MUST read!

Natalie Lambert, Director of Product Marketing Citrix Systems, over deze smackdown:

"For customers looking to understand the quickly evolving enterprise mobility management landscape, the EMM Smackdown report gives a comprehensive look into the vendors and solutions available to help address this increasing need to support and manage a mobile workforce."

Jack Madden, Blogger and author of a forthcoming EMM book:

"The PQR Enterprise Mobility Management Smackdown is an excellent resource for EMM knowledge! First of all, Ruben, Peter, and the rest of the PQR team really understand today's EMM world. (Trust me, not everyone does, and this information is hard to find all in one place!) Second, the EMM Smackdown has a foundation built on years of work with desktop and application delivery. Finally, it's awesome that they're staying on top of what so many different vendors are doing. It's a huge task, and I'm sure many people will be using this resource as it evolves for years to come."

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