License Management

Are licenses within your organization based on actual use of the software? Or are you paying too much? The dynamics of the organization require flexibility: scaling up and down licenses for workstations and data center facilities as needed. PQR takes the complexity out of license management for you, saving you timeand brings peaceand controlin return.



License management is a profession in its own right, especially given the often complex "end userlicense agreements' of the software manufacturers. Many organizations are, often unknowingly, mis licensed. At the same time, preventing illegal software use is high on the agenda of software manufacturers and governments. With our license management services, we help you apply the rules correctly. 

In line with yourIT Roadmap 

PQR is not only looking at costs, but also at the future. Is the cheapest form of license flexible enough to meet your needs next year? This is why we always pay attention to the big picture: for new investments, but also for contract renewals and extensions.Is the cheapest form of license flexible enough to meet your needs next year? Together with you, we determine the optimal balance between short and long term. 

Is your hardware and software depreciated? Are you developing a "cloud first" strategy? You want to move from CAPEX to OPEX? Or do you want to increase flexibility? There are plenty of reasons to start thinking about license management.  

One of the great advantages of the cloud is flexibility. You can add or remove users (and thus licenses) at any time. But do costs move with it as flexibly? With PQR you do: you only pay for the days the licenses are in use. Especially with regular changes in numbers of licenses, this can save a lot of money. 

PQR is happy to think along with you, for example by sparring with a licensing specialist. We know from experience that this can already provide a lot of clarity and new insights. Do you want an integrated approach to your licensing issues and peace of mind in license management? Contact PQR. 

Optimization and Software Asset Management

PQR offers several solutions to support organizations with optimization. For example, we help identify the current licensing position, then advise on the most appropriate form of contract. In doing so, we look at all the licenses activated in your environment, the extent of their use, and the contractual coverage for these licenses. If we see discrepancies in this, we make recommendations to scale up or down in numbers of licenses, lighter (and cheaper) variants or to enter into new correct contracts with the supplier.

PQR offers Software Asset Management services to suit the needs of any organization, from Healthcheck to SAM as Service. Read more >


From Healthcheck to Software Asset Management as a Service, PQR offers a solution for every need.


In most organizations, basic licenses for workstations, data center and security are managed by the IT department. Consider licenses for Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Ivanti or Veeam, for example. Business applications are in most cases requested and managed through other business units. Examples include ERP and HR applications, CAD/CAM and applications for data analysis or project planning. For both types of licenses, it is costly when unused licenses sit on the shelf or suddenly prove insufficiently available, preventing employees from performing their tasks. For both groups of licenses we set up a central registration and, together with your organization, optimize all processes for timely renewal, up- and downscaling of licenses and license contracts. This will save you a lot of time within your organization and prevent surprises.

License Portal 

No control without insight. Therefore, at PQR access to your own licensing portal, where you can quickly find all relevant information about your licenses. This environment also includes a marketplace, where you can order licenses and compare costs yourself. Of course, we can work with you as needed to make the right choices, and you can simply continue to order through your regular contact person. 


We supply and register your Microsoft licenses, both traditional licenses (Office, Windows Server etc.) and Microsoft 365 and other public cloud licenses. Kostenmanagement over uw cloudconsumptie zorgen ervoor dat u grip houdt op uw actuele kosten bij gebruik van public clouds. In het PQR licentieportaal kunt u alle relevante informatie snel terugvinden en wordt u tijdig geïnformeerd over aflopende onderhouds- en licentieovereenkomsten. 

PQR is a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner and is in direct contact with Microsoft. It offers these advantages:  

  • PQR is your Single Point of Contact for advice, purchase and in case of problems.
  • Microsoft Premier Support contract - guaranteeing you 24 X 7 of the best support.

See ourPartners page for a sampling of the suppliers with whom PQR works extensively. You don't have to limit yourself to our partner list: we can provide licenses from any vendor.  

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