The security and availability of data and information is vital to an organization. PQR's security specialists help secure the entire IT environment. 

Security is an integral part of all PQR services 

Security and Availability

Data, information and applications must be both available and secure. This poses enormous challenges for many organizations. After all, how do you ensure that the entire chain of users, applications, workstations, IT infrastructure and cloud has no weak links? The impact of data loss, a cybersecurity attack or a hack can be significant.

At PQR, security is an integral part of all the services and solutions we implement and manage for our customers. In doing so, we bring peace of mind to the security of the entire IT environment: from workplace, network to cloud. With services and solutions that fit exactly what you need. Our security specialists approach security as a four-step cyclical process. By repeating the steps again and again, we ensure continuous security of your business-critical data and data. 



How long can you go without data in the event of a disaster? How resistant are you to attacks from the outside or the inside? Are your systems and information optimally secured? These types of questions are often the starting point for exploring how to take security to the next level and where the biggest gains can be made. PQR's security experts can identify and advise on this, for example by conducting an External Security Scan. 


Better prevention than cure. So is security. Prevent or reduce the impact of an attack or disaster on your organization. PQR can look for weak links in the IT environment on a targeted basis. With our knowledge and expertise and your needs and requirements, we take security to the right level.

Based on years of experience and benchmark data, we have developed a Security Improvement Process. This improvement process includes solutions that collectively address a broad spectrum of security risks and related consequences. Through a Pentest, we can also gain even better insight into the security of an IT environment and define areas for improvement.

We are Serenity in Security. 

Curious how?


Which measures and facilities we implement depends on the requirements and wishes. With our knowledge of the latest technology and developments in security and data protection, we choose the right solution for example:

  • endpoint protection
  • anti-virus
  • network security
  • device management
  • back-up and recovery
  • cloud security
  • SIEM


Would you like PQR's security experts to continually monitor your systems and take proactive action? PQR offers various as a Service solutions that allow us to completely relieve customers of security and availability. 

The PQR Security Operations Center (SOC) is on standby 24 hours a day to take action when an incident or disaster occurs. Moreover, with periodic maintenance, we ensure that everything remains healthy and up-to-date. 


Security as a Service

Peace in IT-Security. Meet PQR's Security Services.

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