Housing associations and digital transformation

Data-driven work, increasing mobility, smart buildings, more security threats and IoT - housing associations must undergo a secure digital transformation to respond to a changing world. At the same time, they are dealing with mergers, legacy IT and cost cutting. How does PQR bring peace of mind to IT at housing associations?

Challenges in the housing market

With a patchwork of applications, increasing work from home and calls for greater efficiency, a housing association's IT environment is not unique from other organizations. However, there are specific IT challenges facing housing associations that make change difficult but necessary.

Scale and collaborations

For years, heavy mergers have been taking place with the goal of achieving scale and, therefore, cost efficiencies. The result for the IT environment is that it has grown unmanageable and there are many different applications, overlapping in functionality. On top of that, staff work in different ways and the real economies of scale in IT are ultimately not achieved. This patchwork, combined with increasing cybercrime, also puts pressure on the security of tenants' personal data.

IoT and data-driven work

Smart buildings and IoT are creating a huge increase in data. Is the data properly secured and are you taking full advantage of its insights and predictive value? These are questions that come to the IT department of corporations and which, due to lack of time or expertise, cannot always be responded to.

Cost reduction

Intended cost efficiencies through economies of scale and cooperation are not yet being achieved. Indeed, IT-related costs per rentable unit have increased by more than 70% over the past 10 years (source). Process optimization, systems integration, outsourcing (parts of) IT management and setting up shared service centers, can reduce costs. But how do you tackle this properly?

Increase IT security

Security requires 24x7 attention, knowledge assurance and direction to prevent disruption and damage. Being unable to access applications because of a ransomware attack or landlord data lying on the street is a nightmare for any corporation. For many corporations, however, it is not feasible to have this specialty in-house 24 hours a day. In doing so, the CORA and BIC guidelines are strict, but with few concrete guidance, making their implementation and maintenance time-consuming. Do you choose Zero-trust, are the crown jewels well protected, how do you recover from a data hostage? By working with a reliable knowledge partner, the IT environment and applications are monitored 24 hours a day and immediate action can be taken in the event of an incident or disaster. Also, constant updates, maintenance and improvements are done on the security of the environment. That way you stay in control and safe.

Modernization and alignment

Modern scalable IT and security solutions offer housing associations the opportunity to work more cost-efficiently, set up business operations more decisively and reduce both the IT and management burden. Technology choices should be based on the goals of the corporation, including working more data-driven, working mobile and with security first. The possibilities of new workplace concepts and hybrid cloud solutions must be properly mapped out so that the right architecture can be put together. To reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the IT team, parts of day-to-day management can be outsourced. This increases the adoption of new technologies and allows more room for innovation.

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Secure and controlled to the cloud

With PQR SpaceHub solutions for workplace, data center and security, housing associations have a dynamic platform that is always tailored to your performance and capacity needs. In doing so, you keep the focus on core tasks and we provide Zero Trust security and a dynamically scalable IT as a Service.

Many current providers in corporation market offer specific Business- IT and ERP/CRM applications, but pay little attention to the underlying IT infrastructure, workstations, management and security. PQR specializes precisely in the IT infrastructure, from workplace, hybrid cloud to network, so that it is set up securely and cost-effectively and innovations can be easily implemented.

Peace of mind in management and security

PQR employs specialists who can manage the entire IT environment with all its facets. Also, PQR has its own Security Operations Center (SOC) that is on duty 24*7 to keep your environment secure. In addition to day-to-day management and ensuring a secure IT environment, we make ongoing improvements and strategic adjustments. All in close cooperation with your own IT team.

Cost efficiency and green goals

Pay by usage, cloud capacity automatically scaling up and down, integration of systems - all of this ensures that costs can come down while providing you with the right performance and functionality. Not only is this beneficial to your IT budget, but it also helps reduce the carbon footprint and achieve CSR goals. We give Green IT content.

Optimize and innovate

SpaceHub is your hub to the cloud, taking away the complexity for you. Through the hub, we continuously unlock new innovative services, which you can purchase as part of SpaceHub. The

The SpaceHub solution is vendor- and cloud-independent, providing a solution that is always best suited to your specific needs. With SpaceHub services, we relieve you throughout the entire lifecycle of your IT infrastructure.

Also, PQR offers solutions such as:

  • High level Zero Trust design
  • Ransomware-proof back-up solution
  • Modern Zero Trust workplace set up
  • Research and cleanup of user rights
  • Periodic review of IT configurations of essential IT components
  • Second opinions

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