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total approach for
CSR goes without saying at PQR.


Corporate Social Responsibility is a matter of course at PQR. With SpaceHub Green, we look beyond CO2 and the environment: we are building a total approach to socially responsible IT.

To ensure the continuity of your business, you need more than solid finances. The role you play in society and your impact on the earth are just as important. Diversity and inclusion are part of this, as is greening your IT.

IT as a starting point for sustainability

How does IT help you with corporate social responsibility? Within SpaceHub Green, we offer several solutions and services for that. Of course to make your own IT more sustainable, for example with energy-efficient hardware. But there are also many opportunities in the rest of your business process to become more sustainable. We developed SpaceHub Green from our vision of IT, business and society. So we don't just talk about it, we put it into practice ourselves on a daily basis.

Working on CSR and sustainable IT yourself? Learn from our experience with the free inspirational e-book Corporate Social Responsibility and PQR.

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Battolyser Systems commits to sustainable mission with PQR as IT partner

Dutch company Battolyser Systems has developed and realized the world's first integrated battery electrolyzer system. In doing so, they help to realize one of the most important challenges of our generation: an affordable energy transition where sufficient energy supply is guaranteed. To maintain full focus on the sustainable mission and product, Battolyser Systems outsourced IT to PQR. Read the entire case.

Sustainability at PQR 

By setting the bar high for ourselves, we move forward with sustainability. We are certified for Level 3 on the internationally recognized CSR Performance Ladder and Level 5 on the CO2 Performance Ladder. 

In the assessment by Ecovadis, we achieved the Gold level as the first IT managed service provider in the Netherlands!

More on sustainability goals of PQR

SpaceHub Green is much more than CO2-reduce in data centers or give equipment a second life. We are investing in Ethics, Environment, People and the Digital Future. For each area, objectives and measures as well as the internationally recognized SDG'sassigned.


Sustainability you do together

Together with Bechtle AG, we are working on sustainable IT, diversity, and inclusion.

Sustainability, diversity and knowledge

PQR brings peace of mind to your IT, but is also a house of knowledge. We always encourage each other to gain new knowledge and share it. Internally, but also as a speaker at conferences and events. Diversity and inclusion help us make the most of talent and bring in knowledge more easily.

Certifications for CSR and sustainability

PQR is certified for:

  • ISO 14001
  • Ecovadis Gold 
  • CSR performance ladder level 3
  • CO2 performance ladder level 5

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'I think we need to judge less about how someone does or looks at things.' The Diversity & Inclusion Task Force calls attention to the importance and power of diversity, inclusion and harnessing everyone's talents.
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Sustainability is a choice, says Marijke Kasius, CEO at PQR. And for PQR, she makes that choice. This means, for example, that people distanced from the labor market have a role within PQR, but also that they made a paperless office an overnight reality. Within three years, PQR CO2-neutral.
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