A hassle-free transition from old to new.

After the path to the final goal is mapped out, the transition phase begins. PQR also takes all the worry out of this phase. 


PQR manages IT from as-is to to-be

PQR looks at the current state of your IT and can manage it "as is". This gives your staff time to be busy with innovations. The intensity of our service depends on the current situation, but is always of the highest level.

Validate and optimize

Validate and OptimizeOnce we have taken charge of your IT, the IT environment is built according to the new design, in your data center, an external data center and/or in a public cloud, and is validated through acceptance testing. After a successful trial migration, the new IT environment can be put into operation. This completes the first wave of optimization. 

Serenity in IT. 

Curious how?

Phased migration

The jointly prepared roadmap details how the various components of the new IT and cloud infrastructure will be commissioned. In doing so, the best solution for you will be considered on a component-by-component basis. This could include a migration of data or systems, or a transition where users move to a new system in phases. Choices are made based on the time available for migration, as well as costs and risks. Whenever possible, datasets are replicated or synchronized in advance to keep migration times short and create fallback scenarios. Through a trial migration, the migration is tested in advance, including the required lead time. This allows you to keep working and minimizes disruption to services to your customers and users.

Migration plan assistance

PQR will help you write and perform acceptance tests and create a migration plan with your organization. Based on this plan, the migration is prepared and tested so that you can migrate to your new IT environment with peace of mind. 

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