Flexible with a hybrid data center

With a hybrid data center, you can react quickly to the latest developments. Both to your customers and within your organization. 


Best of both worlds

Within a hybrid data center, we combine your own infrastructure with the public cloud. This means that both traditional and modern applications are housed where they fit best. A hybrid data center offers optimal performance and maximum flexibility, combined with a stable and secure connection to the public cloud. PQR  advises, designs, builds, transforms and manages hybrid data centers that meet the demands of today and the future. 

Features modern data center

  • Software-defined infrastructure and hyperconverged architecture;
  • Leveraging the power and capabilities of the public cloud;
  • Automated, with a self-service portal that provides instant access and overview of all IT resources;
  • Suitable for both tradional and modern applications;
  • Safe and up-to-date with the latest innovations in security.

Leading edge in innovation

With a hybrid data center as the foundation of your infrastructure, you have a great asset in innovation. It combines the power of on-premises and cloud for maximum flexibility with stability and security. This allows you to act quickly on questions and expectations from your own organization and from your customers. You can deliver requested services quickly and securely, maximizing your commitment to innovation and digital transformation. 

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