IT for transportation and logistics

When it comes to maximizing mileage and chain efficiency, it makes sense for the IT environment to support this. But due to outdated IT environments, progress is not possible. It is time to create calm among carriers and logistics companies.

Challenges in the logistics sector

Chain dependency

Reliability as a partner in a larger chain is increasingly important. The logistics processes must be closed and if there is a disruption it affects the entire chain. Real-time visibility into its status or change is becoming increasingly important, but is still sometimes difficult to achieve.

IT modernization

In the Transportation & Logistics sector, IT has often functioned the same way for a long time, as desired, and there was little need for change. This practice has been used for years without a hitch. But a conventional IT environment hinders innovation, innovation that can save costs and increase business efficiency by becoming more data-driven.

Attractive employer

That transportation lacks sufficient personnel is not news. The challenge of getting good people also applies to office and IT staff. How do transportation companies become attractive employers, for the new generation and for hard-to-fill positions? Embracing hybrid working, innovation in all ranks of the company can help bring in and keep good people. 

Innovate and secure

Increasing cybercrime and greater need for innovation, require modernization of the IT environment. Secure modern workstations, leveraging the power of the cloud, focusing on core business and data-driven working are key IT themes in the coming years for logistics service providers and carriers.


Outsourcing (parts of) the IT environment ensures that, as a carrier, you do not have to shift your focus and stay busy doing what you do best: miles on the road, efficiency, storage and transshipment. Break the old-fashioned mindset of solving it the cheapest way and doing everything yourself. The IT world has definitely changed and requires in-depth expertise and oversight.

PQR. Serenity in IT for Transport and Logistics


Secure and controlled to the cloud

Modular hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure

With PQR SpaceHub for Transport & Logistics we help logistics organizations reach the next level. By making the IT environment more future-proof and secure. SpaceHub offers a sophisticated set of IT services to modernize the entire IT environment: from the workplace to the cloud.

Legacy solutions

Within SpaceHub, there is also a role for existing legacy environments. After all, for many companies, saying goodbye to their (on-premises) legacy infrastructure and solutions is not yet feasible because certain applications or workloads cannot or are not allowed in the cloud due to laws and regulations. PQR fully integrates these legacy solutions, including the applications, within SpaceHub and uses its years of experience to ensure that everything is interoperable with each other.

Innovative and independent

SpaceHub is your hub to the cloud, taking away the complexity for you. Through the hub, we continuously unlock new innovative services, which you can purchase as part of SpaceHub. The SpaceHub solution is vendor- and cloud-independent, offering you a solution that is always best suited to your specific needs. With SpaceHub services, we relieve you throughout the entire lifecycle of your IT infrastructure.

IT - Flexible, secure and future-proof with PQR

PQR is always on top of the latest developments in the IT landscape and, as a true peace of mind, offers solutions that align with your IT strategy. With SpaceHub for Transport & Logistics aims to take logistics organizations to the next level. Future-proofing.

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PQR helps modernize IT in transportation and logistics. Curious how?

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