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The government is digitizing at a rapid pace. How can municipalities ensure that they can meet the IT challenges this presents and maintain a high level of service quality. PQR helps municipalities move toward a digital, agile and secure IT environment now and in the future. 

Challenges at municipalities

Close to the citizens

Citizens and entrepreneurs are central to a municipality. They must be served optimally in all aspects of service. Whether it is the digital counter that is open 24x 7, the service desk in the town hall or the accessibility of officials - the municipality must be at the center of society and service-oriented. Modern IT solutions can make a substantial contribution here.

From automation to computerization

Communication from the municipality is becoming more and more digital, and municipalities are becoming increasingly dependent on IT and technology. In today's information society, more data is available, the sources are more diverse and there is more collaboration with supply chain partners. Then securely unlocking data and gaining insight to work more data-driven is more important than ever. Municipalities face the challenge of making the shift from automation to digitization and insight. 

Staying 'in control'

Technological developments are following each other faster and faster, just think of cloud, SaaS, IoT, while on the other hand there are still many legacy applications. For municipalities, it is nearly impossible to have the in-depth knowledge of all technology that is needed while keeping the focus on performing municipal tasks. How can the IT department take charge and stay "in control," ensuring secure and service-oriented services?

Read the new E-Book [Dutch] with 5 guidelines for a smooth digital transition in municipalities.

Ebook Gemeente 2030 PQR

Directing & digitization

The new technologies at hand, the increased demands for security (e.g., BIO guidelines) and availability of services demand a lot from an IT department. This makes it difficult to free up time for innovation and digitization projects. By smartly leveraging technology and knowledge, municipalities ensure they remain in control of key IT facilities and vendors. So that they have room to innovate with projects in the areas of Smart Society, Common Ground and service excellence. 

IT as the basis for innovation

A modern and flexible IT base is crucial in digitalization and innovation. PQR has been successfully consulting, implementing and managing complete IT environments of government agencies for many years. From modern, digital workstations, to intelligent (wireless) networks, unlocking legacy applications to hybrid cloud environments - PQR is at home in all markets. In each project we look together with the customer at which elements fit the vision, wishes and requirements of the organization in order to create an IT environment that is ready for all innovations and future developments;

PQR. Peacemakers in IT for local government


Municipality 2030 - IT grows along

Strategic partner

The focus is on how to translate the functional needs, wishes and requirements into a roadmap that is sufficient for the coming years and flexible enough to respond to new developments. Naturally, we take into account the guidelines from the UNG and other requirements for the future. Based on our years of knowledge of the government market and latest technology, we think strategically with you about the concrete interpretation and deployment of technology. Finally, we translate this into an advice and roadmap.

Modern IT environment

The choices we make together in setting up the IT environment are aimed at giving employees the optimal user experience, regardless of location, device or application. Moreover, security and data protection are key, so we set up the IT environment in accordance with BIO guidelines. Many municipalities are looking at public cloud as a replacement for their IT infrastructure, but often a (full) transition is not yet possible and we set up a hybrid cloud environment.

24x7 Managed Services, including SIEM

IT availability is essential, but can take up a lot of IT department time. PQR can take some of the IT management off your hands, such as monitoring, workplace security, third-line support or take responsibility for full IT management. Do you have challenges getting your municipality's cybersecurity in order? PQR has been selected by VNG as one of the providers for Monitoring and Response Services.  

PQR's experts and security consultants work with and support your own IT team. As a result, that team can devote more attention to projects and work that increases the quality of service. 

PQR SpaceHub

With SpaceHub PQR offers municipalities a modular hybrid multi cloud platform for consulting, implementation and management of modern workspace and data center solutions. SpaceHub is the hub to the cloud, enabling PQR to get the basics right and remove complexity. Through SpaceHub, we provide all IT solutions 'as a Service' and relieve municipalities throughout the lifecycle of IT infrastructure. 

Collaboration in the chain

The exchange of data with collaborative partners must be secure and reliable. PQR also plays a role in this and facilitates that the provision of information becomes simpler, faster and smarter, as the government envisions with Common Ground.

IT grows with you

PQR is your Rustmaker in IT and a trusted partner for many municipalities in the Netherlands for more than 30 years. With a specialized team, we know your bottlenecks and challenges and offer the solutions to them. In the digital transition for municipalities, we have set the year 2030 as the dot on the horizon. We help municipalities with the roadmap and execution to address challenges such as grip and control, security risks, cost predictability, cloud transition and modern workplace from strategy. Curious about our approach? Read more about Municipality 2030 here.

We would love to discuss your municipality's challenges and work together toward your digital and agile IT environment that is ready for the future. Contact PQR. 

In the transition to 2030, PQR assists municipalities with a roadmap and solutions for the future.

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