Taking care of your IT from A to Z

IT is becoming increasingly complex due to technological advances and stricter legislation. Setting up and maintaining a good IT infrastructure takes a lot of time and money. With that, IT has become a part of business operations that deserves attention. PQR gives it that attention and creates peace of mind in your IT.


What PQR does for you

We help your organization with our proven method, in which we have divided the entire IT process into six steps.

PQR guides you through the entire process from consulting to management and optimization, or provides support for the various steps. In this way, we bring peace of mind to your IT.

From A to Z on board

Even after setting up your IT environment, we stay on board as needed. First, we jointly create a roadmap with phased migrations. With this, we consider what is the best solution for you at each stage of the migration. In doing so, we keep in mind the ideal workspace: after all, it is different for each user and is always changing. We also look at the data center. Do we opt entirely for the cloud, or is a hybrid form a better fit for your organization?

Then management follows. Seeing IT as a tool, rather than an end in itself, creates room for innovation and growth. In doing so, we pay close attention to the end user. By continuously implementing new innovative solutions, the platform is always up-to-date.


Serenity in IT. 

Curious how?

SpaceHub: From inventory to optimization under one roof

You want a scalable organization that can quickly respond to new needs. But are you curious about how to adopt a secure cloud solution while still using existing legacy applications? The solution: SpaceHub.

PQR has built an intelligent hub that determines, among other things, whether a workload is best suited to run in the cloud or on-premises. A platform that is secure, modular, and seamlessly integratable. This way, you use applications and data in the most efficient and effective manner. Manageable and automated.