Innovative IT for manufacturing companies

Smart Industry offers many opportunities for the manufacturing industry. Technological advances and innovative solutions are no longer an option, but a necessity. With the highest expertise and advanced IT technologies, PQR helps manufacturing companies with digital transformation.

IT challenges for the manufacturing industry

Digital transformation

Manufacturing and production companies face the challenge of optimizing their production processes and reducing costs to become more competitive. Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are changing the way manufacturing companies operate. The use of IoT, Digital Twins, AI and Machine Learning enables companies to leverage real-time data for better decision-making, preventive maintenance and creating new business models. But at the same time, this brings new challenges in terms of data storage and security.


In an increasingly digitized world, cyber threats are greater and have more impact. Manufacturing companies must be proactive in protecting their data and systems with security solutions that protect the entire chain of operations and IT environment. In addition, many manufacturing companies are going to be covered by the NIS2, which also means that there is a legal framework for the security measures they must take.

Intertwining IT and OT

Linking information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) offers many opportunities for manufacturing companies, as it provides greater visibility and control over production processes, allowing companies to operate more efficiently, adapt more quickly to market demands, and for greater innovativeness. On the other hand, this interconnectedness makes the chain more vulnerable and puts even more pressure on the IT team with projects and day-to-day management.


Manufacturing companies are encouraged to produce more efficiently with less waste and a lower carbon footprint. In addition, there is an increased focus on better working conditions and companies want to commit to a sustainable use of their employees.

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Innovation and efficiency

New initiatives, such as predictive maintenance, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, overall equipment effectiveness and smart industry, must be able to rely on an IT and OT environment that is first and foremost stable and secure. But that environment must also be scalable and open, as innovations must be implemented and data must be exchangeable. Moreover, every employee needs access to the right information and applications to get the job done, even in locations with poor connectivity or in harsher conditions.

Ensuring continuity

Every minute that can't be produced costs money, so continuity of production systems is paramount and downtime must be minimized. Maintenance and security of IT and OT systems can therefore become secondary to uptime. With the right security technologies, smart management solutions and secure connectivity, you ensure that you remain in control and that the environment remains secure. So no compromise between uptime and maintenance, but keeping both the highest continuity and control.

PQR. Serenity in IT for manufacturing companies


In what ways does PQR support manufacturing companies?

For manufacturing companies, it is crucial to maintain direction and embrace innovative solutions. Together with expertise from PQR and technology from our partners, you can successfully meet those challenges. PQR can help translate future functional needs and requirements into an IT architecture and roadmap. In doing so, we look at both the workplace, security, network, data center and (hybrid) cloud to put together the ideal architecture for your OT and IT needs and requirements. In addition, there are a number of specific challenges in the manufacturing industry where PQR can help.

IoT and smart industry

With the proliferation of IoT devices and digital services in the production environment, the importance of maintaining control over access is growing. More connected devices increases the risk of disruptions. To maintain control over data, processes and security, implementing network segmentation and managing a stable platform (server infrastructure and edge computing) is necessary.

Remote access production networks

Suppliers often need remote access to the production environment for service and maintenance. This poses significant security risks because there is minimal control over identity, security requirements and traffic. To ensure that suppliers can do their jobs while security is assured, isolation and segmentation.

Consolidation alert systems

Moreover, alert systems are not always efficiently set up. The growth of these systems, the number of alerts and the vulnerability of these devices requires a consolidated approach. Consolidating all these services on a robust smartphone, combined with a reliable Wi-Fi network provides an efficient and scalable solution.

Complex application landscape

Due to digital transformation and more data flows, the application landscape has become very complex. Legacy systems must be combined with SaaS and smart applications, on a single workstation, securely available anywhere it is needed. PQR's modern workplace is available on any type of device, user-friendly, centrally manageable and provides secure, controlled access to all apps and information.

Innovation requires attention from the IT team

The digitization of the production process requires smart solutions in which the IT department wants and needs to be involved. But often the IT team is limited in giving attention to projects and services that enable innovation in the core business. Outsourcing repeat tasks and technical management to a managed services party, such as PQR, allows the focus to shift to innovation. PQR offers consulting, implementation and management of the entire IT environment, modern workplace solutions, hybrid cloud, network, security and FinOps.

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