Inventory and consulting: the basis for an optimal IT environment

Good IT starts with the basics. An expert inventory of your IT with subsequent advice are therefore essential.


We change with you

The world is changing, IT is changing and organizations are changing. As a result, it is difficult to reconnect IT to the organization, and once it is in place, then what? PQR inventories your  existing workloads and applications. It looks at the infrastructure and whether it still fits the organization. But with surveying the situation how it is, you are not there yet. Because how will IT fit within the organization if it continues to change?

Big Bang-scenario?

That is why PQR is creating a roadmap with phased migrations, aimed at the future, and provides continuous advice based on this. What is a roadmap? One of our solution architects makes a plan together with the team, which ultimately involves connecting public cloud providers. However, we not only help with delivering the end product, but also map out the path to it. We continue to provide support for changes in the infrastructure and their consequences for the internal processes of the organization. 

By choosing a hybrid cloud infrastructure, your organization becomes more flexible and scalable. However, because there are so many providers, it is difficult to make the right choice. How do you keep your data center flexible? On one hand, through a hybrid or multi-cloud setup, but also through the services that are included in a modern workspace to be able to integrate this flexibly. We have knowledge of and experience with multiple cloud providers. It remains clear for your organization, because you only deal with us as a supplier, instead of many different providers. 

Serenity in IT. 

Curious how?

The foundation has been laid. How to move forward?

The Road Ahead

By choosing a hybrid infrastructure, your organization becomes more flexible and scalable. After we take stock of all the current processes and infrastructure together, things really get started. Using this as a starting point, a goal will need to be set. This is a long-term goal, where our spot on the horizon is the hybrid infrastructure that best suits your organization.

The aforementioned roadmap guides the entire process. Based on the inventory, an architecture is set up, with a schedule for the next few years. It looks at how workspace, data center, workplace and cloud should be set up step by step to arrive at the most optimal IT infrastructure.

Smooth from planning to execution

The transformation and adoption services provided by PQR help with the transition and implementation planning. Thus, the road to the cloud is guided step by step and integrated into the organization. We thereby ensure proper embedding in the organization so that not only the setup is optimal, but also its use. By making support and systems as user-friendly as possible, PQR contributes to smooth adoption throughout the organization. 

PQR's solution architect stays on board from start to finish so that the process can be continuously optimized. If there are new technological developments, they can be implemented quickly so that your organization is always up to date. 

SpaceHub: van inventarisatie tot optimalisatie onder één dak

U wilt een schaalbare organisatie die snel kan inspelen op nieuwe behoeftes. Maar bent u benieuwd hoe u een veilige cloudoplossing kan adopteren en tegelijkertijd bestaande legacy-applicaties kan blijven gebruiken? De oplossing: SpaceHub.

PQR heeft een intelligente hub gebouwd die onder andere bepaalt of een workload het beste in de cloud of on-premises kan draaien. Een platform dat veilig, modulair en naadloos te integreren is. Op die manier gebruikt u applicaties en data op de meest efficiënte en effectieve manier. Beheersbaar en geautomatiseerd.

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