Caring for the future

The healthcare industry faces major challenges; quality is under pressure. Technology can make a substantial contribution to reducing workload and increasing quality. However, many healthcare organizations are not yet ready for these innovations, as IT professionals struggle with day-to-day operations, outdated platforms and budgetary constraints. PQR helps healthcare organizations move toward healthcare innovation so they are ready for the future.

Challenges in healthcare

Increased aging 

As the aging population increases, the question is whether there will be enough staff in the future to meet this challenge. Technological innovations have great appeal for the new generations of healthcare workers and can win over prospective students in their choice of study.

High workload 

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), nurses face an above-average workload. To maintain a high level of care quality, new technologies must simplify the work of employees.

Remote care 

With the 'Langer Thuis' program, the central government aims to encourage independent living for the elderly and improve the quality of care. That means plenty of investment in e-health. Tomorrow's care delivery is intra- and extramural.

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Labor-saving care innovation

Labor-saving technology and healthcare innovations with IoT, home automation and robotics enable staff to be more efficient in care tasks and deliver better care. Geofencing and sensors for fall detection, for example, can make care workers' jobs easier. Care robots work to support the care process and image calling enables remote care. Innovations such as these relieve the workload and allow more room for personalized care. 

IT as the basis for innovation

To enable healthcare innovations, a solid IT foundation is crucial. Therefore, PQR developed a transition program to help healthcare organizations innovate, within existing budgets and at their own pace. PQR calls this program the Care Home of the Future, because in it we put the vision and desires for the future at the center. From there, we look at how IT should be set up to have solid, future-proof infrastructure and workstations. A modern infrastructure ready for all healthcare innovations. 

PQR. Peacemakers in IT for healthcare


Care Home of the Future

Transition to modern IT environment

PQR starts with the vision your healthcare facility has. From this we base an IT transition program that lays the foundation for further healthcare innovation and innovation.

Care processes and apps are made available on tablets and smartphones so that employees can work mobile and efficiently with the new applications. Many innovations require good wifi. PQR provides the network to ensure maximum availability, security and simplicity. In the cloud of on-premise? We choose this based on the application and process and usually in a hybrid form.

Within existing budgets

PQR strives for healthcare innovation within existing budgets and makes room in the budget in two ways: through strategic budget shifts and smart cost optimizations. We detect which contracts can be discontinued and negotiate new contracts. This frees up money for innovation.

Our relationship with a rich ecosystem of partners and suppliers ensures that we can advise exactly which innovations fit your healthcare facility's vision and capabilities.

Building together

Building the Care Home of the Future together. In an innovation project, different partners, experts and architects come together to implement healthcare applications. For this reason, PQR takes on the role of coordinator to work with you through the process, keeping the vision in mind and rolling out infrastructure to which all innovations should be connected.

Step by step, we take your organization through an innovation where satisfied clients, patients and staff are central.

With the Modern Care Workplace, your organization is also ready for the future. Curious?

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