Workspace Security as a Service

Increasing cybercrime and employee mobility increase the need for optimal workplace security. Does your organization spend a lot of time securing and monitoring workstations?

PQR Workspace Security as a Service ensures that all workplaces are protected against digital threats.


Fixed price per month per workstation

Always be assured of a safe workplace, for a fixed price per workplace per month? With PQR Workspace Security as a Service, you ensure that all workstations are protected against digital threats. Whether it's a traditional desktop, virtual workspace or portal-based workplace, PQR brings peace of mind and takes the day-to-day management out of your hands: we monitor workstations and take immediate action in the event of a threat.

Workspace Security as a Service consists of three elements that ensure the basic security of workstations is fully in place: Endpoint Protection, Security Operations Center and Penetration Test. 

Endpoint Protection

Through Endpoint Protection, workstations throughout the IT environment are protected against malware, exploits and ransomware. The Endpoint Protection technology uses a combination of machine learning, advanced behavioral analytics and big data. PQR monitors the workplace environment and ensures systems are updated.

Security Operations Center

From the Security Operations Center (SOC)  PQR monitors all possible threats within your IT environment (cloud and on-premises). These threats are analyzed and, if required, followed up immediately with clear advice. It is also possible to have a dedicated Security Officer to act as your direct point of contact.

Penetration test

Annually, PQR conducts a Penetration Test (Pen-test) with the goal of understanding the risks and vulnerabilities of the IT environment and improving security. Using a report and personal explanation, these vulnerabilities and proper follow-up are discussed.


Essential, Advanced of Premium: Which option best suits your organization?

Options Workspace Security as a Service

PQR offers Workspace Security as a Service in three options: Essential, Advanced and Premium, starting at €14.30 per user per month. In all options, you are assured a high level of security at all times. Depending on the option you choose, we take more work off your hands and the response time is shorter.


For our Essential customers, the PQR Service Desk is available during business hours. Our team responds reactively to virus detections and checks virus updates monthly. All security notifications are handled and critical reports are acted upon immediately by the team. Annually, we conduct an external Blackbox Pentest.


With Advanced Workspace Security as a Service, PQR's Service Desk team takes care of you daily and proactively. All security notifications are picked up immediately, there is daily monitoring for virus updates and you receive monthly reports and personalized explanations. Also, we do an annual Blackbox Pentest.


With a Premium package, PQR's team is available to you 24 hours a day and you have access to a dedicated Security Officer. Virus updates are continuously checked and all security notifications are proactively addressed. On a monthly basis, we report to you and the Security Officer provides advice. Per year, we conduct 2 Pen tests: an external Blackbox Pentest and Insider Attack test.

Security and Quality

PQR has the necessary information security and process certifications and complies with ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 standards. Workspace Security as a Service features security technology from industry leaders in IT security. 


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