Monitoring as a Service

Would you rather prevent IT downtime and disruptions than cure? Do you need insight and chain monitoring instead of lots of data from individual components?

PQR Monitoring as a Service provides advanced and intelligent IT operations monitoring with the expertise of PQR.


IT Operations and Continuity

The continuity of IT systems is increasingly difficult to monitor. The various IT systems and components generate a lot of data in their own environments, and system alerts contain a lot of noise. As a result, the IT department often lacks oversight and insight into where the actual problems are occurring and there are unnecessary disruptions.

By using PQR Monitoring as a Service, IT service continuity to end users becomes significantly more stable, the IT team no longer spends time on irrelevant system notifications and potential disruptions are proactively prevented.

Together with your IT team

PQR's Service Desk team works with your organization's IT department to set up IT infrastructure monitoring more efficiently and bring peace of mind to your IT Operations.

PQR Monitoring as a Service consists of: 

  • 24 * 7 Monitoring the availability and performance of IT systems: from application to hardware in physical, virtual and hybrid IT environments.
  • Intelligent, AI-based, monitoring software.
  • Proactive alerting with insight into the urgency and action to be taken.
  • Clear monitoring dashboard and 'single pane of glass' of the entire IT environment.
  • Autodiscovery to include new components in monitoring.
  • Monthly summary reporting by PQR, including areas for improvement.
  • Support from PQR Servicedesk.

Serenity in IT. 

Curious how?

Edities Monitoring as a Service

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To best meet the needs and requirements of our customers, PQR offers several options in Monitoring as a Service. The standard, minimal monitoring, consists of monitoring the availability and performance of:

  • Virtual infrastructure
  • Servers, Storage & Operating Systems
  • Network equipment
  • Applications
  • Certificates

Monitoring public cloud and containers can also be included in monitoring. Even entire chains, in which individual components are combined, can be monitored. 

It is also possible to also include end-user experience and workplace performance in this monitoring service. For organizations that want PQR to perform the initial assessment, the Proactive Alert Filtering and Critical Warning options are ideally suited. With the option Proactive Alert Filtering PQR's team provides initial analysis and filtering of alerts and through the Critical Warning Support PQR addresses all critical alerts within minutes. With both of these options, the PQR Service Desk is an extension of your own IT department, relieving them of the burden of analyzing notifications and alerts. 

Contact PQR for a consultation on which options best suit your situation. 

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