SpaceHub Flexible Capacity

Transform your IT with a flexible pay-per-use model for IT infrastructure and reduce costs by up to 60%.


Many organizations are looking to the public cloud for greater flexibility, rapid scalability and for a more attractive cost model. A cloud environment, despite those benefits, is not the best solution in all cases. There are sometimes important reasons to keep certain workloads, such as legacy applications and sensitive data, in an on-premises data center anyway.

SpaceHub Flexible Capacity offers the best of both worlds: the cloud experience, but in your on-premises data center. With the unique Buy & SpaceHub-back-model PQR makes the full transition to IaaS attractive by providing a low-threshold financial entry that allows us to reduce OPEX by up to 60%. 

Infrastructure as a Service

SpaceHub Flexible Capacity is an innovative service where the latest HPE hardware is installed in your own data center and purchased as Infrastructure as a Service. This provides your organization with a hybrid hardware model, providing service and flexibility similar to that in the cloud, but with on-premises infrastructure.

60% OPEX reduction

With Buy & SpaceHub-back PQR can reduce OPEX by up to 60% while taking the latest technology as IaaS and being unburdened with high-level services that bring peace of mind. In addition, you break cycle of IT depreciation periods and can move to the cloud in phases.

Reduce the OPEX of the IT environment in three steps:

  1. Valuation and replacement of current IT environment
  2. Implementation of the latest HPE hardware
  3. Hybrid IT environment based on as a Service

The result is a completely new IaaS environment, at a predictable monthly cost with peace of mind in management.

Consulting and Innovation

PQR guides organizations in their public cloud journey and finds the right mix in hybrid IT. Our consultants do the sizing and advise on the right composition of the new IT environment, which uses public cloud, on-premises and private cloud. In this way, we bridge the gap between traditional IT infrastructures and hybrid cloud environments.


Managed Services 

A key element of SpaceHub Flexible Capacity is that day-to-day management is handled by the PQR Service Desk, in partnership with HPE Datacenter Care. PQR's Service Desk is the point of contact for you as a customer and has a "First Time Right" approach. In doing so, we increase platform availability and PQR relieves your system administrators.

SpaceHub Flexible Capacity

Hybrid Infrastructure as a Service with the latest HPE hardware.

Easily scale up and down with on-premises capacity.

Pay by consumption and reduce OPEX by up to 60%.

Complete unburdening in daily management.

With our years of experience and technical know-how, PQR is the partner of choice for the entire IT environment. PQR brings peace of mind to the IT environment with hybrid, multi-cloud solutions. Our cloud experts are ready to get started with you with immediate initial insight into opportunities to reduce your OPEX by up to 60%. We paint a picture of how you can migrate to the latest technology technically, operationally and financially inexpensively.

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