SpaceHub Microsoft  365 Back-up

Many organizations use Microsoft 365 because it is always available and accessible. But did you know that you remain responsible for all the data you store in Microsoft 365 and there is a high risk of irreversible data loss and loss of data access? The built-in backup and restore capabilities are not sufficient to restore all data quickly. 


Data vulnerability in Microsoft 365

When migrating data to Microsoft 365, it is often mistakenly thought that Microsoft takes care of backing up the data. As many as 1 in 3 companies report that they have ever lost data stored in cloud applications. In addition, as many as 49% of reported SaaS ransomware attacks take place in Microsoft 365.

Data in cloud applications are vulnerable because of:

  • Acts of the end user, accidental or intentional;
  • Due to malware or ransomware attacks;
  • Operational errors such as inadvertent data transfer;
  • Data lost due to terminated user licenses;
  • Misconfigured workflows in applications.

Microsoft 365 has recovery capabilities for lost data, but its functionality is very limited and, moreover, the recovery time is often long. Independent data backup is necessary to provide good protection against loss of this business data. SpaceHub Microsoft 365 Backup gives you the best protection and service for restoring data stored in Exchange Online, OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint Online.

Microsoft 365 data protected in the best way

PQR provides Microsoft 365 Backup as a service. Implementation and technical management is in the hands of our experts. Functional management, such as including or removing users from backup and performing on-demand backups and restores, is performed by your IT team itself. For this, you will have access to a user-friendly web portal.

Key features of SpaceHub Microsoft 365 Backup

  • Storage of backup in an external data center, outside the Microsoft Cloud, on EU territory.
  • Automatic point-in-time backup at three daily intervals
  • Ability to create on-demand backups
  • Unlimited data storage, no limit on amount of data or paying extra per user
  • Advanced search capabilities and One-Click Restore functionality
  • Secure access through MFA and detailed logging of activities
  • Choice of one-year or unlimited retention policy
  • Meets the guidelines of SOC 1/SSAE 16, SOC 2, AVG and HIPAA

What are the options for Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery?

Why standard Microsoft 365 protection is not enough

  • Data of inactive users or users whose access has been revoked are permanently deleted by Microsoft and there is no way to retrieve this data later.
  • When a user deletes data in Microsoft 365, this data ends up in the trash. After several months, this data is automatically and permanently deleted.
  • To recover from a ransomware attack, Microsoft recommends doing a backup through a third party to recover the data encrypted by ransomware.
  • Microsoft 365 uptime has historically exceeded 99.9%. But a failure can always occur and then it is good to be prepared for it.
  • Support by Microsoft in recovering data takes a lot of time for IT administrators and, as a result, data is recovered late or not recovered.

Recovery in case of loss or calamity

SpaceHub Microsoft 365 Backup has the advanced search capabilities and One-Click Restore functionality. It allows your administrators to quickly and easily find and restore data, both individual items and entire folders. This is a so-called non-destructive restore: the data are restored without overwriting the existing data and in their original format. Even data from inactive or deleted Microsoft 365 accounts is retained in the backup and can be restored.

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