Modern Healthcare Workplace

Safe and mobile working is more important than ever. As a key component of the Healthcare Home of the Future, PQR has created the Modern Healthcare Workplace. In a user-friendly way, staff can access applications, files and collaborate remotely, freeing up your time for what really matters: providing care. 

Quickly and securely look up all relevant information based on one access portal with only one login. But how do you accomplish this safely and manageably? With the Modern Healthcare Workplace, we bring peace to the workplace environment and your organization is ready for the future.
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The Modern Healthcare Workplace is an integral part of the Care Home of the Future. With a mission to make it a little nicer for patients, clients and healthcare workers every day. The Modern Healthcare Workplace contains all the elements needed for a flexible and managed workplace for every type of user. 

  • Anytime, anywhere instant access to applications and information (e.g. Vilans Protocols)
  • Collaborate smartly with Office 365 and Teams
  • Safety first
  • Modular and flexible
  • Flexible management options

Have fun collaborating, accessing anywhere, being optimally productive while having secure workstations that are easy to manage? That's possible with PQR's Modern Healthcare spot. This unique concept ensures that the workspace is completely tailored to what the different users need.

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The modern healthcare workplace is designed based on the latest Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions and provides users with a Windows 11 work environment. Management is performed from the cloud, so you can support your employees anytime, anywhere. PQR provides implementation support and ensures that the workplace continues to work optimally.

Different personas per organization

Each type of user and each healthcare organization has different needs and requirements. The Modern Healthcare Workplace has a customized workstation for every type of user, for a fixed monthly fee. PQR recommends between 2 to 5 personas per organization. Thus, PQR provides both the necessary standardization for management and also takes into account the specific workplace needs of users.


A flexible, managed workspace for every healthcare worker

Anytime, anywhere access

Wherever or whenever employees work, the Modern Healthcare Workplace makes everything possible. With access to a personalized work environment, a workspace that automatically adapts to the location and connection the user is working with: convenience and user experience are paramount. Do you want to integrate workplace functions into a user-friendly web portal or into (existing) intranet solution? A seamless integration is possible!

Collaborate smartly with Office 365 and Teams

Windows 11 and Office 365 form the basis of the Modern Healthcare Workplace. Based on the needs of your employees, you can choose Office web applications or the desktop version. Collaboration, meetings and calls are done through Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive, Teams or SharePoint are used for file storage. With these Microsoft applications, employees have the key tools they need to be productive and collaborative.

Safety first

Security is crucial in healthcare. Basically, with the Modern Healthcare Workplace, we provide secure access through multi-factor authentication and secure access to data. In addition to this good basic security, PQR offers additional Spacehub Security services that integrate seamlessly with this healthcare workplace. Services that can be added for optimal security include: vulnerability management, role-based access, pen-testing, SIEM/SOC services and forensics.

Modular and flexible

Smart modular solutions, future-ready and fully managed by the Rustmakers in IT. The core module of the Modern Healthcare Workplace is Microsoft 365, complemented by an intelligent application management platform. The core module can be extended with a Social Intranet 2.0 to merge internal communications and applications into one workplace environment. In addition to the Social Intranet module, PQR also offers a cloud printing module. Working in the cloud may necessitate a move to a new printing concept that allows printing from any location and any device. The latest extension that can be added to the core is Microsoft 365 backup. When there is no provision for Microsoft 365 backup yet, PQR helps set up a backup environment.


Is the workplace hardware depreciated or no longer adequate? You can also turn to PQR for devices; we offer the ability to purchase desktops and laptops as a service, for a fixed monthly fee. This also assures you of replacement and repair of the devices. PQR also takes this out of your hands.


Innovate worry-free into the future. Curious how?

Flexible management options

Always available, stable and excellent performance - this is what the Modern Healthcare Workplace stands for. To achieve that, PQR provides the workplace as a service and is supported by our professional Service Desk and other PQR experts. Using Microsoft Intune and Autopilot, we ensure rapid zero-touch deployment of workstations and can support your employees anytime, anywhere.

You determine the level of support and how we work with your own workplace administrators. First-line to third-line, 24/7h support, onsite workplace support: depending on your needs, we choose the best package and ensure optimal cooperation between your IT team and our Service Desk. We have translated our experience in healthcare into a "services blueprint" that best meets the specific needs of healthcare employees. Consider the integration of home automation or healthcare apps into the workplace environment and support in doing so.

Customer journey of the Modern Healthcare Workplace

The healthcare workplace should enable users to work safely and mobile, on any device and at a location of their choice. However, the workstation should match the existing IT environment. Examples include linking Azure AD for authentication, linking the existing Azure tenant or connecting to an IAM system for role-based access to information (NEN7510).

PQR not only helps in putting together and maintaining the ideal workplace, we also help in setting up the framework conditions for using this environment properly. If everything is already perfectly set up, that is of course fine! Then we immediately start setting up the workplace. If it turns out that the current IT environment still needs some attention, we are happy to help put the prerequisites in place to bring the PQR modern workplace to its full potential.

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